object doubling itself. please help.

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  • Hi there. Got an odd problem.

    I have an event where if Object A collides with Object B under certain conditions, go to layout whatever.

    It goes to the next layout just fine, however, if I already have Object A in the next layout I end up with two on top of each other, as though the one from the first layer carried over.

    If I go to another layout I end up with three, and so on.

    I've managed to sort of solve the problem by only putting the player Object A in the first layout, but I would like to know why that worked. I checked and the object isn't set to global. Any ideas?


  • Without a sample capx, it's difficult to ascertain why this problem might be happening. Are you creating object A in an "On Start of Layout" event anywhere?

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  • It sounds like there was an instance in each level you were entering, and if so you would have two being present in the layout at the same time, both controlled by the same conditions to get over this its best to just have one instance in your project, as it sounds like you have done...

  • I would have posted the file but I'm actually new to forums in general and don't know how. It doesn't create it at start of layout. I have it set to destroy the object at Start and then spawn at a certain point. The method of having it in only the first layout works in combination with this, I'm wondering why at this point.

    Thanks for responding guys!

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