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  • Hello.

    I watched tutorials about creating simple shooting game, and one of the layers was called HUD, that keep score text always on top-left corner.

    But now I want to consolidate my left, right and jump buttons in the left-bottom corner of the browser. The problem is that I don't know how to do this when the browser windows resizes. I mean if I begin to increase the height of the browser, my buttons remain in the same place.

    How do I fix it? Thanks!

  • Well, guys, I fixed it.

    If somebody needs � the explanation:

    I created an event that says: every tick set position for <your_sprite> to for X - <your_sprite>.ImageWidth + 10; for Y - WindowHeight - <your_sprite>.ImageHeight - 10.

    There was also an idea to resise the element depending on window size, but I think it's not useful, just because your finges won't become smaller while window size becomes smaller :)

    Have fun!

  • This is what the anchor behavior is for, but hey, whatever works :)

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  • Oh, WOW! Thank you :)

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