How do I see the object that should block my LoS further.

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  • Hey guys

    I have an issue. I have walls, walls are solid and are listed as obstacles for my Line-of-Sight behaviour. All is well but the fact that I also don't see the walls that should be visible - just blocking stuff that's behind them. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong or is there a known *duh* workaround for this that I ain't getting?


  • Just for firther clarification. The wall is part of the map enviroment. By design i need to hide all the map enviroment until i see it, for exploration purposes - so I cant really use it in the traditional way that it just blocks vision but is not open to being hidden itself. On the contray, I need it to both stop vision passing through while also hiding other walls behind it, but i need to see the wall that stops me from seeing behind it...hope I make sense.

  • LOS does not see obstacles. Whats more, it kan not see trough obstacles. So if you make the 'viewer' solid with solids as obstacles it can not see trough itself.

    I suppose the easy way is to have the LOS behavior attachted 2 times. With custom obstacles.

    1 To not see trough the walls, with its event system.

    1 To see the walls, with its event system.

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  • Hey thanks

    How do I make it see the first walls, but not any walls that may lay behind the them? Wouldn't this just reveal all walls in my LoS?

  • I dont understand ? If it can not see trough the first walls, it will not see those behind them. It will not reveal anything behind an obstacle.

    Does this capx shows you the possible combinations ? And the principle ? ... .capx?dl=0

    The LOS is really a nice behavior.

  • Hey, great!

    Thanks, I think I see what I need in this example.


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