NWjs Win64 game size question and overall game size in MB

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  • I have exported my game which is still in development stage to NWjs and it weighs ~130 mb.

    Ive got the core mechanics down, and about a dozen sprites and a background.

    In order to get a yardstick to measue by, I am curious what are the approximate sizes of complete NWjs builds done in C2, both regarding PC/Mac only games, and other exports for tablet/phone games?

    What about Html5 sizes? Do those vary much in regards to NWjs?

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  • The NWjs runtime is what takes up most of the export. You can look in the NWjs install folder to see the empty size. Next up would be the sound and graphics size. Lastly would be the Javascript, events and layouts but those affect the size much less than anything else. The size of your capx may give a ballpark of the size that would be added to the NWjs runtime size but you'd have to export to see the actual size.

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