NWJS not working after exporting my game

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  • It runs just fine in preview mode, but when I export it to NWJS, the EXE just opens its processes in the background and no window ever shows up. Is there any well-known problem that could cause this?

    It has to be my package.nw file because when I remove that file from the NWJS folder, it opens. Also, my friend who is testing it is now running into the same problem when it worked fine 20 minutes ago until I changed a few things, but I don't see why they would make it hang.

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  • Weird, I've never heard of that. I tend to run into trouble with nw-js failing to kill its own process when the game is closed. Perhaps you have too many instances of it running in the background, and that's preventing it from opening. Try and end all instances before running it again.

    If that's not the problem, I'd take a look at https://www.scirra.com/nwjs - perhaps there's a more recent version in which this won't occur.

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