NW 10.5 Gamepad problem | Pls help!

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  • Hi.

    My game is ready for release on Steam and I have to use NW 10.5 in order to have the greenworks plugin working. So this is now causing a problem with the gamepads.

    The problem is that NW 10.5 can't seem to recognize a controller once the game is on. So you have to turn on all gamepads before launching the game or they wont show up. And if your gamepad gets disconnected you can't connect it again and have to reset the game. Sadly this happens quite often with wireless gamepads

    However... This problem seems to be fixed in the newer version of NW. So my question is:

    Is there a way to copy the gamepad code of the new NW into the old NW 10.5 so it handles the gamepads as the updated version?

    As it stands right now I would say this is pretty game breaking atm.

    So if anyone with some javascript knowledge can help me out I would really really really appreciate it

    Thank you in advance!

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  • according to the last post of the greenworks plugin thread, that issue of having to use the old version of NW seems to have been fixed.

    read the last post here:

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