How do I not make my videos lag?

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  • Hi all. I'm currently fairly new to Game Development and in the process of creating a game with my brother on Construct 2. I have a strong specialty in Motion Graphics and was hoping to create cut-scenes, splash screens, etc. in After Effects, export them, and use them in our game.

    I figured out how to export the videos into 3 formats (webm, OBV, and H.264 mp4), then create a video object, upload the videos to the files folder, then linking them under properties. However, when I try running the "game" the video is incredibly slow and laggy (audio plays just fine but the video seems delayed).

    Here is the dropbox that contains the Capx. and the original webm so you can see how it should be run:

    Anyone know a work around for this? Is there a way to have consistently smooth video? Thanks for your help.

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