How do I NOT turn on subgroups??

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  • So I've been working on a game for quite a while. I never implemented a pause function because it always makes me uncomfortable, haha. I'm coming to regret it now as i grouped all my groups in a big group called ALL, thinking it would be easy to just toggle this group on/off to have my game pause. I have a few sub-groups in this ALL group that are deactivated or get deactivated.

    The problem comes up when toggling the ALL group on/off since this seems to activate sub groups and starts unwanted events. Is there any way to NOT activate these deactivated groups when toggling the ALL group?

    Thank you!

  • No, activating a parent group does not automatically activate deactivated subgroups. There must be some other event in your code that's doing this.

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  • Yes, you're absolutely right! All the 'trigger once' events I had caused the issue. Thank you!

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