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  • I am having a problem with the platforming property.. Well not really with the property more so with running animations on a character pinned to that property. Its hard to explain but I had everything working correctly and smoothly and all the animations were working fine. Then I added a new layout and blank event sheet and all of a sudden they were no longer working. I didn't change a single thing in the player script but somehow it broke the animations on every layout I had. I even made a backup and deleted everything except for one layout and event sheet and the problem still persists. Of course I didn't have a backup of when everything was working and I cannot for the life of me seem to get this to work now. All the player movement and animation is run off one script that is attached to each layout script. From the debugging it appears to me that the game is no longer detecting when the player is on a solid object (aka the floor) and it also is not updating correctly when the player stops moving (aka vector x = 0). ANYWAY I feel like I'm rambling and I have a sinking feeling that I am just gonna have to redo the player script entirely. Attached is the file if anyone wants to give me some input. Feel free to tell me how the way I am running the animations is wrong in first place and all that. I appreciate any replies! Thanks

  • You put your 'Move to disable' Group in the 'Animation disable' Group as Subevent under 'Platform is moving'. So it will only switch to the idle animation when it's moving and the platform speed=0. What is contradict.

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  • Thank you for your reply! Moving the move to disable group back under the root animations group fixed the issue. Now that I'm thinking of it I did create that group to be able to disable some of the logic but I didn't notice that it was under that condition. Sometimes it just helps to have a second pair of eyes take a look. Thanks again

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