How do I not scale a leadbolt ad

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  • I have leadbolt ads in my game that I export via crosswalk. They are in an iframe and look fine in my starting resolution of 1366, 768. However when I export the game to mobile 720p they look like they are getting cut off. I assume this is because they get scaled down to 720p.


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  • I guess your ad is bigger then your iframe is when the game is scaled..

    Resizing your iframe should do the trick..

  • On what trigger should I resize though. its 468, 60 now and in the game it shrinks to an unknown amount. How do i tell the program I know you want to scale this down but can we keep this one true to the pixels?

  • So with some more research it seems to affect only systems that have pixel ratios that are higher than 1. Is there any way to work with pixel ratio?

  • Ok I solved this. First you need to add an ad to your android app because they will all be SDK and when you add a new ad to your android game you select HTML. Now you want to edit that ad to be auto stretching. Then do this tutorial ... orted-game . And when you make your ads.html file you want to set margins to 0 in css. I just used the Normalize.css file I use for my site. Now you want to turn scrolling off on your iframe and you can set it to whatever size you see fit.

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