How do I not load images from a given level or layout?

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  • Hi guys! I have some complicated questions about preloader, I'll try to explain what I want.

    I made a game that will serve as a template for other games. For example, with a code on the page "index.html" I will change the images of the game, using the "load image".

    But this only works after all the images in the game have already been loaded, or when the game loads completely. Thus, the current game images and images of the new game are loaded. I think that's a big problem, and it takes longer to load.

    I thought of some solutions, which sum up these questions:

    - Can not load images from a particular layout?

    • Can not load all the images in the preloader?
    • Is a preloader possible for Load Images?
    • Is a unique preloader possible for a sound?

    Thank you

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