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  • Why when I launch my desktop game after exporting it with nw.js, i do not take control until clicking on the screen? how can i solve this and why appen?? im exportin with kiosk mode only option.. then browser fullscreen command on the firts layout..

    EDIT i think the problem is this:

    Request fullscreen:

    Request that the browser enter fullscreen mode. Note the browser may ignore this request unless the action is in a user-initiated event, such as a mouse click, key press, touch event or button press. The fullscreen modes that can be entered correspond to the Fullscreen in browser project property. For more information see supporting multiple screen sizes. Note not all platforms support requesting fullscreen - use the Supports requesting fullscreen condition to check for availability.

    So can I not do anything?

    Who plays will find a menu where can not move the cursor until press the mouse on the screen?

  • You can try using the NWJS feature to "set focus" to the window on startup.

    Start of layout -> NWJS -> set focus


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  • You can try using the NWJS feature to "set focus" to the window on startup

    It seems to work, thank you very much!!

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