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  • Hello friends. I would like someone more experienced that I help in this. I am creating a game and I have had problems with the performance of this, ie it slows down. And I've tried pretty much everything and as I make changes I'm testing it in the debugger. The case is that in the debugger runs at a maximum of 40 fps no matter what I do and it looks like I've actually studied a lot about this. And already tired I decided to create the same game from the beginning in a new project. What happens here (and please look into this). Is that I am creating my game again and I have put several things and is going well, in the debugger run at 57 fps. But this gives me an error or problem that I do not understand: add a local variable and everything is fine, add one more and the game lowers its performance from 53-57 fps to 40-42 fps, why does this happen for a simple variable? Does anyone know why? Or is it a construct 2 error?

    (En español),(Asi me expreso mejor)Hola amigos. Quisiera que alguien de mas experiencia que yo me ayude en esto. Estoy creando un juego y he tenido problemas con el rendimiento de este, es decir se ralentiza. Y he probado practicamente todo y a medida que hago cambios lo voy probando en el depurador. El caso es q en el depurador corre como maximo a 40 fps sin importar que haga y mira que en verdad he estudiado bastante sobre esto. Y ya cansado decidi crear el mismo juego desde el comienzo en un nuevo proyecto. Lo que pasa aqui (y por favor ojo en esto). Es que estoy creando mi juego nuevamente y le he puesto varias cosas y va bien, en el depurador corra a 57 fps. Pero esto me da un error o problema que no comprendo: agregue una variable local y todo bien, agrego una mas y el juego baja su rendimiento de 53-57 fps a 40-42 fps, por que pasa esto por una simple variable? alguien sabe porque? o es un error de construct 2?

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  • Remember that when the Debugger is running a lot more calculations to do with tracing the code are happening in the background so the fps will be affected. The debugger shouldn't be used to track fps for this reason - it's for tracing problems.

    Easiest way to look at fps is to simply add a text box set to display the fps every tick.

    Regarding your other issues - I would say we cannot really help unless we see what you have done. Quickest way is to upload your .capx and allow the helpful users to test it for you.

  • Thanks for answering. I understand what you say of the debugger mode, for example if in the same debugger I go to the part that says "watch" or to the part that says "profile" (inside the same debugger) my game goes to 60 fps. If I run it full screen also goes to 60 fps. The reason I use it as a measure only of the "inspect" part in debugger mode is because I noticed that part improved when I made changes. And especially because when exporting the game with intel xdk and try it on my tablet the game runs at less than 30 fps.

    Is it that intel xdk is not the best mode of export is there another that works better?

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