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  • Hi again, im doing tutorials to learn how things work in an easier way, but not even like that i seem to do it right...

    I was doing the "How to make a platformer" tutorial by Ashley, but im stuck on a step, i tried many things, but none worked yet.

    The probelm is with the animations, when i put the "platform on jump", and the condition about if its moving play an animation, and if not, play the other one, it always plays the "Platform is moving" animation...

    I checked that if i change the animations, one for the other, it displays still the one that is on the "platform is moving" thing, so its not a problem with the animations i think.

    Well, here it is, the image of how i did the things:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    (hide commands dont seem to work...)

    I hope someone replies, i want to at least finish some tutorials...

    Also, agh, an internal server error with the preview...hope i wrote everything alright xD

  • That's because Is Moving is very literal. Jumping counts as moving. It will only fail to activate if the sprite is perfectly still.

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  • Thanks for replying, also, yeah, that is what i thought actually, but i couldnt find what to do anyways...

    Any help on what to do there? Because the tutorial says "is moving" i think...xD

  • It used to be the case that if the player wasn't moving when 'on jump' triggered then 'is moving' would be false. That was true when that tutorial was written but not anymore. Now 'is moving' is always true when 'on jump' triggers so you should ignore the moving/not moving part and just put

    on jump -> set animation to ...

  • Thanks! But i created some more commands so it would work, and now the thing that impressed me, they worked! hehe, here they are if anyone has a simmilar problem:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Anyways, im s newbie, so if i should edit something to make it more simple, just tell me, please :P

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