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  • hi there,

    I'm not a newcomer and know my way around C2 so let's get right into the deep of it.

    i am trying to publish a game to windows store - in fact i already did. but i had to take it offline because of a strange bug that doesnt play the sound and that completely make the controls go whack.

    i have the right file format and it plays perfectly fine in edge but for some reason visual studio fucks me over.

    does anybody have experience with exporting via visual studio? why cant i use the controls as they should? most of the time they only half work and combining two keys is impossible. and why is there no sound desptie the fact that i use the right file format?


  • The issue with no sound is fixed in r262.

    [Bug fix] Audio did not play in Store apps in the Windows 10 April 2018 update

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  • Ah, that's good and bad because I can't update because the bullet behavior changed with that update and a lot of my enemies use that to go back and forth and with the new update they cant climb up slopes anymore, which is weird.

    Any chance that bullet behavior will be fixed soon? From what I can tell its an issue with gravity, because they are being pushed down the slope faster than they can climb up - an issue that wasn't there before, especially if you consider that they don't have bullet gravity at all, i use platform gravity for that^^

  • I'm not aware of any bugs filed relating to regressions with the bullet behavior.

  • I can gladly send you a before and after update comparison video. i assume it is related to the bullet behavior because enemies with just the platform behavior work fine, but if you combine platform for gravity and collision with bullet for movement, some slopes cant be climbed anymore^^

  • You'll need to file a bug report following all the guidelines, otherwise we cannot help. We can't debug videos!

  • No account, not registering for a bug that will eventually get fixed anyway. Somebody's bound to find it, I can wait.

    The movement issue I originally talked about is player movement, I suspect a problem with support for visual studio, maybe I need to downgrade or upgrade or something. Since I can't fix that issue (seeing how it runs perfectly on edge, chrome, NW and co) I also don't need a sound fix, obviously, what good is nice music if you can't play the game^^

  • Before I go, I can tell you the issue happens in 260 but not 259 so I assume it has something to do with the change to the platform behavior you fixed, with player running into walls as you put it^^ And now I'm out, thanks^^

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