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  • hi i have a problem of understanding this overlapping thing... i downgraded to r239 cause r240 was creating problems with the browser plugin on ios devices,

    but on r239 i found this ... WRrcWtUMTA

    that is a capx with a simple ai pathfinding, there are 2 issues there that i cant understand and im pretty sure its either a bug, either im doing something wrong.

    first issue, pathfinding if u delete the condition (is frame=1) will start move around... however AI when is moving will overlap the walls, which are the gray ones, which are solids, which are 32 pixels by 32 and pathfinding cellsize is 32 with border -1 which means cellsize is 30 ... so they should find pretty much accurate spacing but then not go trough middle of blocks right? it turns out they dont care for obstacles being there most of times.

    second issue ... i added at bottom a overlapping condition, that turns all ground objects to orange color or frame 1 if they overlap walls... strangely more then 80% of them are not overlapping but they still change frame, somewhere there they find a collision happening... is this normal? or im to tired to understand the mistakes im making?

    Anyone encountered this type of issue?

    i found lately really weird stuff in C2 .. something going on ?


    ok so i played a bit further with the pathfinder, it turns out if you set the turn speed to 0 the little guy is not moving anymore... should that affect the movement? wouldn't that only affect its turn if you enable the angle rotation?

    Edited2: ok so i fixed the AI movement and overlapping, settings where at fault, as i said i was to tired to notice my mistakes... but one issue remains.

    even if sprites are not overlapping, they are changing frames see modified capx

    Edited3: ok so i fixed the overlapping problem also by reducing the collision box of the ground (green boxes) by 5 so basically their smaller with 2.5 pixels on each side that means their around 27x27 as collision box, so ofcourse no overlap will happen with the other walls.. since every square/sprite is a 32x32 positioned at equal distance, however still doesnt make sense why 2 sprites positioned at equal distance overlaps? even though they dont? is it because of the pathfinding behavior ?

    see fixed capx edit 3

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