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  • I have been playing around with Construct2 for about a week. I have been wanting to create more of an HTML5 on-line graphic novel with some limited animation and game play. Construct2 is looking good, but one of my concerns is the number of sprites and audio clips I plan on using. There will be a lot of them, and most only making one appearance. I'm worried that system memory will be trying to load and retain more and more of these as the "novel" goes on. Can I continually create and then destroy sprites and audio as needed so as to keep the memory usage at any given moment manageable? I am not sure how Construct2 handles these things under the hood. Thanks. Sorry for my noob-i-ness.

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  • All images are loaded before the start of the game.

    You could use the Sprite "Load image from URL" action to download "on the fly". I'm not sure memory releases it after use though.

    For the sounds, sounds are either preoladed through the Audio action "Preload" or downloaded on the first use of the "Play" action. I believe they stick in memory as well.

    Music/(ambiance) is streamed as long as you follow the correct usage. (see the manual article 'Audio' linked before).

  • I am fairly new to C2 but I find that as long as any individual layout isn't oversized or too 'heavy' then C2 works very good.

    If you have , say, 1000 pages on a single layout then you may have performance issues,

    but as long as you keep any individual layout 'light' then I think you

    will be fine,

    for example, I recently made a Kids Alphabet game, sliding from letter to letter, etc,... I first made it all on one layout and it was very slow on mobile devices, so I simply made each letter on a separate layout and preload only the needed sounds for that layout... it now works great and I am able to add extra things like sine behavior, etc to the game to make it more fun.

    So, you could make each page on a separate layout, this way nothing gets bloated and you can have more animations, and effects on each page enhancing the user experience.


    C2 is so easy to use too. I recommend C2.


    How many pages do you think you will have?

    Anybody with more experience want to chime in?

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