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  • I know this is probably a stupid question but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to create a local variable. Every time I try it brings up a global variable it never gives me the option to create a local variable.

    Please Help.

  • Click the sprite you want to add a variable to, and then on the left hand side you'll see a list, in there it says "instance variables" click Add/edit and a new window will pop up. Press the + button in there to create a new variable for that object.

  • Yes but i was wondering how do you create a local variable in the event sheet like you would create a global variable in the event sheet.

  • Local variables don't show up at the top of event sheets like global variables.

  • Yes but there is a way you can create local variables like you create global variables. I am not talking about instance variables. If you click on the event tab and then put your mouse pointer over add variable it says add local or global variable but when I click on it I only get global. I downloaded Kyatric's capx for Asteroids to practice because I am new to this software and he uses a lot of local variables that I can't find how to create.

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  • Nevermind I finally figured it out thanks for all the help though guys!!


  • I had trouble with this too at first so I'll post a reply for others.

    The trick here is to right click in the Event Margin and select it from the "Add" sub-menu.

  • Don't use local variables , their value change to zero every ticks !

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