Noob needs help with loop animation please!!!

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  • Hello Construct/SCIRRA community!!! I'm a novice of this program (just downloaded the newest patch last night) and I'm having some issues with ending an animation loop of my sprite... The loop starts the animation automatically if "loop" is set to "yes" and if I turn that off, it still runs the animation once before becoming stuck on the last frame of the sequence... Can someone explain to me what I'm doing wrong? A while ago, I heard about Construct and googled some youtube footage on how to perform certain events, but I never bookmarked the page... They explained how to do this in their video... So if someone out there knows exactly how to fix this I'm all ears...

    Thank you for reading this

  • Ok my bad... Went thru all the protocols of posting on this site... No way around it but to read the manual... Sorry for the post moderators...

  • You probably want to set the speed of your animation to 0 and set the animation frame to 0, this way your animation will be "stuck" on the very first frame without going further on.

    Perhaps the videos you are talking about is one of the online class Yann and I gave a few months ago ?

    Even if it is not, it shouldn't hurt checking it out.

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  • ***ninja'd*

    edit the animation and in speed choose 0

    if >0 will run once and quit as you are seeing

  • ok thanks guys... Appreciate the reply! BTW Kyatric, great help with those tutorial links... Along with downloading the manual, I'm hoping to make some progress with animating and event handling on a whole... Again thank you guys for the replies

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