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  • Alright so i am really new at this. I am doing my best to follow the tutorials and i am on the second beginner tutorial on how to create a platformer. It's a tutorial using the Braid sprite. It's pretty easy to follow and i thought i was doing a good job up until i ran into a little problem. Once i pinned the player images to the player, and set animation to "standing" (as it said to do in the tutorial), i tested the layout out. Well the player would move, but all the animation did was stay still. I changed the animation to running for sh*ts and giggles and sure enough the animation was running in place. The i compared my screen to the picture provided and it's identical to what they said to do. Perhaps i am have a full retard moment. I don't know. But the character is not performing the way the tutorial said to. Anyone know what i am doing wrong?

    P.S. when pinning an object to another object (in this case the PlayerImages to Player) there is a set of options on my screen that don't seem to appear on the screen shot provided in the tutorial. There is the "Mode" option to set Position and angle, angle only, position only, etc. I left it on Position and Angle. Though it doesn't talk anything about this in the tutorial.

  • Hi RTDF

    Welcome to the community <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    In general...

    If you could post a link to your .capx file(you could upload it to dropbox or something simular) then its a lot easier to help you.

    Then we can look at where the issue might be.

  • Ok this is going to sound stupid, but how do you do all that? When i say i a new, i mean i just downloaded this like yesterday and only spent a total of an hour on it so far. In the meantime i will try and figure out how to do the whole drop box thing, but just in case you read this before i figure it out, please let me know.

    And thank you.

  • Click on File and "Save as Single File". It makes a CAPX file which you can upload somewhere so we can see the project and what's wrong with it : )

  • Doing it all right now. :)

  • oh and forgive my poor grammar it's 3:30am here. So freaking tired.

  • Alright i think i did the whole dropbox thing right. :/

  • I think you've missed something in the tutorial.

    The way animation works is that it's triggered by some action, generally for platformers you'd be looking at an entry such as "On key down (Right key) play animation "walking"".

    Then the same with a "mirrored" for left movement and a "standing" animation for when the "player is not moving".

    The above isn't quite correct, it's just an outline, so I've added to your capx so you can see what's required;

    You'll see the entry for the Right key has a "not mirrored" addition to it, without this, once you've moved left you remain facing left even when moving right.

    You can play with the settings in C2 by disabling individual actions (right click) to see the effects.

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  • Wow, thanks. I feel a bit silly, you made it look so simple. I swear i followed that tutorial step by step. I must have missed something, your right. I am actually a graphic designer by trade, and i heard about this program and designed as a hobby to try this out. Tried learning programming but, well i think i need to take a college course on that. Not something you can quite learn from a YouTube tutorial. lol

    Anyways thank you so much for correcting my mistake, and explaining where i went wrong. I wanted to beat my head against the computer screen. lol

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