Noob help, trying to get the basics down.

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  • Hey everyone. So I've been playing with construct 2 for a couple of days, done a few tutorials, and am looking forward to becoming more proficient as this seems like a great tool. That being said, I'm having trouble :).

    I want to try to make a *very* basic 2D platformer (1 screen, 1 player, 1 enemy) just to see what the syntax should be like in the event sheet for something like that. I've checked out a bunch of platforming tutorials, but none of them solve the problem I'm having. I searched the forums and found a post regarding the same problem, but when I try the solution from there it doesn't work.

    Basically, I want to build an enemy that patrols and when it runs into the player it knocks one HP off of the player, but if the player jumps on the enemy, it knocks one HP off of the enemy.

    So I made a really simple layout to check this out in: 3 objects (flooring, player, monster) and wrote out what I thought should work in the event sheet (screenshot at the bottom of this post).

    Can someone please take a quick look at that event sheet and tell me why the behaviour isn't working? If you have any questions about anything else I did with this let me know.

    Screenshot of event sheet:

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  • The main thing is that the player.y will be less than the monster.y if the player is above.

  • I just figured that out when I was playing with layouts. For some reason I assumed that if the layout was 512px in Y it would be 0 at bottom 512 at top. I wish you had been around earlier, I tore 1/2 of my hair out (and I don't have much) figuring that out :). Thanks for the reply!

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