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  • Hi, usually I stick with arial and verdana, and use normal text objects in the game. I avoid sprite fonts etc as I am guessing they will increase the game size and decrease performance, two things I I cant do.

    A customer is requiring me to use a new font, the dubiously named "VAGRoundedBT".

    What will happen on mobile devices such as iphones and Android hand sets?

    How do I distribute this font?

    Shoud I be using web fonts, or sprite fonts, or are they the same thing?


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  • You can use web fonts, but support is a bit spotty and the results aren't always predictable.

    Just use sprite fonts. That way you always know exactly what you're going to get. File size shouldn't be more than maybe 100kb.

  • You need to install the Font on the PC where you run C2.

    Then import it in the files folder.

    Now, you can use it as a normal font.

    I have tested it on CocoonJS and it works good.

    Be only sure that the file font name, will be the same of the font name you see if you open the font. Otherwise It will could not work.

    To be sure it is all ok, when you try the game with CocoonJS, you will look at the fps screen and you will have a message that speak about correct import of custom font (I do not remember the correct message).

  • Thanks for the tips I will try this. Note, I cant use any containers, this will be run on HTML5 in mobile browsers.

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