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  • I want to make a board game... I've been roughing out some stuff and sandboxing just to get a feel and I'm wondering if this is really possible with Construct.

    I've tried making images with text (and I'm no slouch with Photoshop) and the result is horrible (not in PS, but in the game).

    Has anyone done stuff with a goodly amount of text in Construct?

  • Definitely is possible - I'm working on one right now. Keep in mind that most of the 'is it possible in Construct' questions are less 'is it possible' and more 'are you capable of doing it'.

    Not sure what you mean by goodly amount of text.

  • Keep in mind that most of the 'is it possible in Construct' questions are less 'is it possible' and more 'are you capable of doing it'.

    Agree with Excal,

    You are talking about a goodly amount of text. I assume you mean using a lot of text in your game. This shouldn't be any problem.

    If your sprites or spritefont look good in Photoshop but bad in a C2 game it could have a number of reasons.

    • Scaling within C2 (If an object is bigger onscreen than the original sprite it will have to be scaled up and this will change it's crisp appearance)
    • Objects not being at precise coordinates ( if your object is at x(100.3) and y(75.6) instead of 100 and 75 the program has to calculate it's appearance, while moving this shouldn't be a problem, but static objects sometimes lose their crisp appearance.

    Sometimes changing the pixel-rounding and/or sampling settings in the project properties is enough to help with this, but it can also create unwanted effects.

    Also the type of scaling in project properties offers possibilities to keep your game looking crisp.

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  • Board Horde by Dave-Hailwood is a Construct2 game:

    My first game was "Pucked" not exactly a borad game, but somewhat board like. Although I did work on other things learning a bit before it was done enough to publish.

    It's fun to see how far you can push it.

  • Thanks everyone. I was a little frustrated and tired last night. Will approach with fresh eyes today. :)

    Saw the post about multiple screen sizes. But in reality how do you guys handle stuff for different screens when it needs to look clean on each? Like iPhone at 900x600 and ipad at 2048x1536?

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