How do I make a non-laggy multiplayer pong game?

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  • Hello, everyone. I apologize in advance for my English - it's not my first language.

    I'm trying to understand how multiplayer works. Of course, I've read all the multiplayer tutorials by ASHLEY.

    My goal now is taking the "Multiplayer pong" example and making it non-laggy with local imput prediction and lag compensation.

    Following the "real-time game" tutorial, I've enabled local imput prediction for the peer:

    But what about the lag compensation? I've searched through so many topics in this forum but it seems none managed to give a real answer (lennaert tried to answer here: https ://w )

    I guess I should have some lag compensation when the ball collides with the paddle... maybe... right? How can I do it?!

    I hope I don't sound lazy by asking this. I thought a lot about how to do it and how the things work and I did some attempts but none seemed to make sense. I don't know, maybe only one tutorial with lag compensation is not enough or maybe I'm not very smart.

    Like, I guessed I should start by doing this?

    But I'm not sure at all...

    Please, help ._.

  • Does anyone in this site know how to make a real-time multiplayer game? ...

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  • If they did your last comment will keep most people from helping. Just a fyi...

    edit: i dont know how, btw

  • If they did your last comment will keep most people from helping

    Why? I don't think I offended anyone.

    The reason why I wrote that is not only the fact that I'm not getting a reply but also because similar threads that I saw on the forums about multiplayer almost got no replies or only some 'guesses'. I'm worried by this.

    In my first post, here, I talked about another thread on this forum by a guy who had the EXACT SAME problem that I'm having now. And apparently he couldn't find a solution to his relatively simple problem. He even said:

    "Maybe the multiplayer isn't really designed for something like this? Maybe I will stick with doing a turn based game with it."

    I fear that this might be true. Maybe Construct 2 is too limited when it comes to real-time multiplayer games.

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