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  • How to make a game exported in the node webkit go fullscreen?

    Really fullscreen like other games not only "maximized" ?

  • Set a fullscreen mode in the project's properties and try the Browser plugin's Request fullscreen action.

  • What fullscreen mode?

    Where to set the plugin to "request fullscreen"

    i want to start the game in real fullscreen at every pc :-)

  • If you are not sure which fullscreen mode to choose, try referring to this tutorial.

    To get a Request fullscreen action, add a Browser object to your game.

  • Przemek32767, thank you very much. Found the existence of the browser object most useful. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

  • I kinda ran into the same problem...

    requesting fullscreen via the browser object works finde in the browser, but when exported as a webkit node it just flickers briefly, but doesn't go to fullscreen mode.

    Any Ideas on that?

  • It works for me. There may be a problem on your end.

  • : thanks for pointing that out

    tested a new blank project and have the same problem there, so it's not my project. Maybe it's my C2 Installation or my windows is playing tricks on me... gonna investigate...

  • ok found the problem I guess

    my events for fullscreen:


    1 condition:

    keyboard - on F pressed | Browser - request Fullscreen


    2 conditions:

    keyboard - on F pressed | Browser - cancel Fullscreen

    browser - is fullscreen |


    this works just fine in the browser, but not when using Node-Webkit

    (when I'm using a different key for leaving fullscreen it works, what I think is quite inconvenient)

    I know, I could define a variable to make it work... but what is the "browser - is fullscreen" condition good for, when I can't use it this way?

  • AndyKayJah its because both events get true in the same tick.

    In had the same problem.

    way to fix it: Add a Wait DT Seconds

    before the Request fullscreen and Cancel Fullscreen

  • Those events will request fullscreen and cancel it in the same tick, like SgtConti mentioned.

    But there's no need to use a wait action either. Why not simply something like:

    <img src="" border="0" />

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  • Sure that would be a solution too, but mine has only 2 events ;)

    Im sure both are pretty good & working.


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