Node Webkit - command line options?

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  • What if any command line options should I use with the new, separately downloaded, version of Node Webkit?

    In the last version of C2 that came with a bundled Node Webkit version, after exporting my game to an exe, I used two command line options that helped with performance and compatibility on several systems.


    This fixed a Webkit issue that caused regular freezing and hitching that would stall a game for between 1 and 10 seconds, which would happen a few times a minute for as long as the game was running.


    This allowed my games to run on Windows XP, in cases where the default exported game would show up as a blank screen.

    Ever since upgrading to the newer version of C2 for which Node Webkit is downloaded separately, using "--disable-threaded-compositing" results in a solid white screen.

    Just wondering if that means Webkit solved the problems I mentioned above, and the command options are no longer needed, or if I need different options now, or if I need to change some settings in C2.

    Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. :)

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  • To my knowledge you no longer need to disable-threaded-compositing as this problem has been solved.

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