Node-Webkit cmd-line switches on OSX & Linux?

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  • How would I launch Node-Webkit, with a command line switch enabled, on OSX and or Linux?

    (I hope it's okay to ask this here.)

    My situation

    I have a game exported with Node-Webkit.

    If I launch Node-Webkit with the switch "--disable-threaded-compositing", the game runs perfectly.

    If I launch Node-Webkit without it, the game is essentially unplayable, with huge lag, and intermittent 1 to 10 second freezing.

    The .bat solution for Windows

    In Windows, I can make a "launchThyStuff.bat" file containing the line "gameName.exe --disable-threaded-compositing"

    How would I do the equivalent for OSX and Linux?

    Do I edit the exported files, by adding "--disable-threaded-compositing" somewhere?

    Do I create a special .bat-like file for OSX/Linux?

    I'm just not familiar enough with this kind of stuff when it comes to those operating systems, so any advice is very much appreciated.

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