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  • I'm having some performance problems when I use these two features together.

    I mean... I'm testing/exporting a project as an application using Node Webkit and "request fullscreen" though Browser object and the FPS are very low, about 40/45fps and the game is not smooth at all..

    For testing purposes i added a button to cancel fullscreen during game and when it goes windowed it immediatly gets 60 fps and perfect performance..

    where is the problem?

    I've tried every possibile fullscreen scale mode.

    Also this doesnt happen with one project in particular. Even if I start a brand new project and just put 2 moving objects as a test application the problem with fullscreen speed persists.

  • Bump

    Same problem here. When I preview in a maximized window all works fine, but when I full screen it fps drops significantly! Makes no sense that additional 20px width and 10px height would drop the fps rate below 40 fps from stable 60fps.

    EDIT@ All right, discovered what was causing the issue! Basically I have two screens, but I wasn't displaying it on the screen set as primary in my card settings. LOL

  • megatronx Ashley is working Fixed Resolutions Feature

  • I know. It's fine. As I said, i have 2 screens and forgot that not main screen is being not rendered as fast as main one. Even when I watch movies they stutter etc.

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  • Problem is that the game stretches out to the resolution, so if you don't have a really powerfull PC it will stutter. But as Joannesalfa said, Ashley is working on it!

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