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  • Hello all,

    I am currently testing out the node-WebKit exporter and can't seem to get it to work on my new MacBook Air running the latest OSX. I am running C2 via parallels on Win7 which is running great. After I export the space blaster demo using the node-WebKit exporter the windows .exe runs great but when I switch back to OSX and try to run the, I get nothing, no errors, no application, nothing.

    Has anyone been able to create a Mac desktop app using a Mac running C2 in parallels? Am I missing anything on the Mac side (I know that node WebKit is based on Chromium, do I need chrome installed on the Mac side of the computer).

    Thanks for any help.

  • Anyone?

    Still can't get a Mac desktop game to run when using the Node-Webkit export option, however the Windows .EXE runs just fine.

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  • same for me

  • Encountered same problem with OS X export, could not launch the file.

    I looked inside the content folder inside the .app file and compared it to a working node-webkit .app file.

    All files listed as unix executable file in the working example was shown as document files in the non working export.

    But got it to work on the mac side by zipping the file before I synced with Dropbox. So in my case dropbox sync looks to be causing the problem if you do not zip the file is first

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