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  • how do you actually test node in preview now with the new beta version?

    I learned quickly that attempting from the browser was a no no. I also downloaded node-webkit itself, but I guess I am using it just like a browser and get the same javascript error.

    So how does someone actually go about testing their game without having to export. I searched and was unable to find a tutorial as of yet either.

    Also, exporting my game as node does yield the correct results. I do get my text file in the user directory with the correct content in it. But I do not know how to actually make this happen with preview.

    Thank you

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  • From the patch note of R137,


    Query string ?nw can now be appended to the preview URL to force the engine to detect as node-webkit, e.g. localhost Useful for previewing quickly with node-webkit specific features.

    It wasn't possible before, you just have to change your preview settings to add the ?nw at the end :)

  • What exactly do you mean by preview settings?

    I know it sounds silly, but I guess I am failing to understand where to actually do this. In the browser? Open a nodewebkit?

  • Yeah I don't really get it either. Elaboration needed! (Why not just add node webkit in the browser preview list? >:T)

  • I haven't been able to test this using C2's built in node webkit export because of my antivirus flagging it as a false positive, but here's a way I just tested:

    Download node webkit from it's web page, extract it from the zip file

    Open nw.exe

    Open a C2 game, press preview

    Copy the address from the window that comes up

    Paste it in node webkit's address bar, add ?nw to the end of it, hit enter

    Press preview in C2, and it updates the node webkit window

    Close the browser window that you copied the address from

  • Thanks for the reply,

    Unfortunately I have tried that and end up with:

    Javascript error!

    Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined

    http://localhost:50000/NodeWebkit_plugin.js, line61(col undefined)

    Anyhow, thanks for trying to help out.

  • Likewise. Not very convenient either!

  • Argh, I'm getting that error too, I didn't actually put the node webkit plugin in the project when I tried it. Sorry. Man, I have been messing up the testing process on this repeatedly...

    Anyway, looks like it should be reported as a C2 bug.

    I also agree it would be nice if we could just choose node webkit from a list instead. I tried using the custom setting but it didn't work for some reason.

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