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  • Hi all!

    I am working on a fun project. Now i want to get a bit used to some nice effect to make the project more "alive".

    Everything so far is static and only moves without any animation.

    I did read some "stuff and things " <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> . Now, i really don't know how.

    Well here an example. I've got a frame with a block in that frame. Just a normal image. Once clicked i want it to well lets say: Spin continuously 360 degrees and get smaller in the meantime within a 3 second timelimit.

    Just as simple as that. Does this force me to make a animated image or is this a effect i can set in construct 2?

    If i have to make a animation i guess i need to make alot of frames as images. This ofcourse takes a while for a single effect. My question here is does any one know a program where you can make animated images on the "take a image and put effects on it" way. After export it to framed images or something?

    I hope i made my self clear ( i'm not the best at that one ).

    Thanks in advance!

    P.s. Really still enjoying Construct 2! Great product!

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  • The effect you descriped is pretty easy and you dont need any animation.

    + Every tick

    • Object rotate clockwise: 1
    • Object set width to object.width - 1
    • Object set height to object.height - 1

    This will be a bit fast and not so smooth, but its the basic. To get it smooth read a bit about lerp and delta time ;)

  • Alright! Will look in to it! Thanks alot!

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