How do I make the next layout load?

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  • Hi,

    What I mean is when the player finishes a layout and it passes to the next one, this next layout loads.

    Right now the game loads entirely from the beginning, so, I'm not wasting memory this way?

    Why is every sprite loading in the first layout even the sprites in the second layout are different?


  • what type of export are you using. if html it first has to download all the assets before playing. something else check if preload sound is selected if you have alot of sounds it could take awhile. BUT all layouts are loaded layout by layout why do you think all your sprites are being loaded on the first layout?

  • Hi volkiller,

    I think all the sprites are loaded on the first layout because there's no "pause" or loading screen between the two layouts. It just jump straight to the next layout, seamless.

    I'm using NW.js for export, and yes, preload all sound is on, but the sprites from the second layout also preload?


  • Ok. no thats just how it looks but it is still loading only the sprites needed. you can see this yourself by previewing your project in DEbug mode using C2 one of the things it lists is Memory usage you will see it change every layout

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  • Ok, Thank you!

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