Newly created objects not being displayed on first pass??

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  • Hello all,

    I come to you today with an issue I have repeatedly run into on my current project.

    Mainly, that objects created in some of my triggered events, while reflected in the object count, don't seem to display until triggered a second time. I am not certain if I am failing to grasp something fundamental about the way events propagate in C2, or if this is a bug of some sort.

    In the event pictured below, the circled action is triggered successfully by the loop and the objects created (according to the objectCount expression) however none of these objects will become visible until this same event is triggered a second time.

    Has anyone run into this issue in the past?

    In some cases a work around is possible by using a global triggering variable that triggers the action in a separate function, but in this particular instance that solution would be cumbersome. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hello all, sorry for bumping this.

    I seem to have resolved my problem. As usual, it was even stupider than I thought.

    I was simply spawning these objects off screen and not realizing it.

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