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  • I've been looking through posts referencing the UID attribute and they're all a little over my head. I have a sprite and I want to have multiple instances where each sprite is playing it's animation from a different frame. At the moment I'm just not sure how to address each sprite separately in the event editor - I imagine that it's easy and related to UID - can anyone point me in the right direction?


  • Just add a string type variable, and for each instance type the animation name as the variable value.

    Then in the editor, add a trigger, trigger once while true, sprite set animation to sprite.variable.

  • if it's just the starting frame you want to change, just set it in the "initial frame" in the property panel for each of your instance

  • Ok, it turns out changing the 'initial frame' is all I needed to do for my purposes - but Newt - it seems like you're describing a very roundabout way to accomplish something construct does anyway? Or maybe I'm not understanding. In any case, thanks for the help!

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  • newt's way is good if you want to start with different animations. As you don't have an "initial animation" property.

    But instead of 'trigger once' I would probably use a 'start of layout'.

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