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  • Hello, I'm new here and interesting in C2.

    I have a questions before start using C2:

    Is it possible with C2 create 2d turn based (or real-time) RPG (for android) with standard level-up system, different skills, magic... also with big world map (and smaller areas), with many NPC's (dialogues), quests and so on...? I know it's hard work, but is it possible with C2 without additional programing?

    Can I start with trial (start make game for android) and then buy premium version without loosing my work?

    I'm artist and graphic (web) designer (Photoshop, CorelDraw), so I want to create all game graphics myself.

    And if I understood correctly, C2 will not work on Win XP SP2? (Then I should update my system :) )



  • Hi, welcome to the community.

    Everything you mentioned is possible without "additional programming" as long as we're talking about a single-player game. And yes, you can use the free version and upgrade without losing your work.

    I have one computer with WinXP SP3 and it runs without problems, I don't know about SP2 though. But you could just try it out, it's free after all.

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  • Yup ... In all the cases !

    I think we're done here

    Edit : Hey ... Not fair Nimtrix you took my lead !

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