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  • Dear guys,

    See in the Subject, i am a newbie in construct 2, sorry for the stupid things i may asked.

    I have search the formum and "How do I" post, but im not very clear if i am getting right or wrong.

    The problem is i was making a online game ofcause, which need to take some data from the server i connected, like player's level , game record etc. And also when in game, some of the data maybe taken into the game as like load/save game , i see many post on local storage by webstorage, but is it dangerous to do so in localstorage(?!) and it will easily be cleared after clearing cache(?!)

    As the above problem aroused, i am thinking (i think most of people also think about it ) how to save/load data to the server-side, so that everytime, when game start , i will get data from the server and use those data become variables to use in the game.

    Could any mates can give me some method to save/load data to the server-side instead of local storage. Thankyou and sorry for my poor english.

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  • Do you have any knowledge of MySQL or PHP ?

  • I found the below tutorial helpful when I first started exchanging C2 game data to/from my server:

    Online High Score Table (AJAX, PHP, MySQL)

    The tutorial goes through exchanging high score data to/from a SQL table, but the same principles can be applied to any data that can be stored in a SQL table. However, you will need some knowledge of PHP and SQL queries. W3 Schools has sections covering the basics of both languages.

    A special thanks to ArcadEd for the tutorial.

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