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  • Hi guys, I'm making an RPG with multiple level/locations. Each level looks completely different, and I wondered should I use a separate layout for each?

    It sounds sensible to use a separate layout of course, but what about HUD items like score, current weapon etc. If I had a different layout for each I'd need a copy of these on each, which is fine until I come to change the position of them (it might happen!). And then I'd have to update ALL my layouts, and by then there might be many. I'm planning a game with 20+ layouts.

    How best is it to approach this?

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  • Separate layouts is fine. HUDs are documented on the formum: either make the elements Global, so they stay around when the next layout is displayed, or generate the HUD with events, at the beginning of each layout. You can share event sheets, so this only needs to be coded once, and added to "On start of layout", for example.

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