How do I make a new layer entirely in Events

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  • Hey guys, so i was wondering if there was a way to make another new layer in the event sheet, because i'm making different light sources and i don't want the "ShadowLight" to affect other light sources so i added a "Source Top" blend but then i have to make another layer so when i need to make another light source by for instance clicking on the screen it will make another layer and not create the light on the same layer.

    well, that was long.

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    You're gonna need the BlackToAlpha effect, somehow i can't find it on the forums so i'm just gonna upload it here.


    I'd appreciate ANY help!

  • From the way I am understanding this. You want to create a new layer and set it to initial visible to invisible, and have the touch event make the layer visible and then have the light source be created on the newly visible layer.

  • Yes, because if i create light sources on the same layer the "Source atop" blend will just blend ontop of all the light sources, The "Shadowlight" has the blend btw.

  • There is no create layer event..

    The layer should be added in the editor.

    The layer can remain invisible untill needed, at which time you can use the system set layer visible event.

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  • LittleStain Well, can i make the "ShadowLight" Source atop inside the one sprite that's below it only and the whole sprites that's below it?

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