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  • Hey guys,

    it�s me again :) I "finished" my first game and made a little app too, recognizing that it�s pretty tricky to make a game run fluent on mobiles. Nevermind, I want to start a new project.

    I want to make a card game and it should be a bit like a trading card one. If you win a fight, there should be chance for special cards to drop.

    How can I make a Nickname/Login-Menu and how can I save the cards of my players, that they are there again when they play next day/next week/nex year

    If you know good tutorials, feel free to post them.

    Thanks for everyones help!


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  • not sure about logging in and such but i believe you could save their progress with webstorage. if you have a bunch of variables to determine if they have a card or not just set webstorage local key to the same and then when they start again call up all those values from webstorage to set the games variables.

    player gets card1 in a drop > system - set varible "card1" to 1

                                > set webstorage local key "webcard1" (i'm not sure if they need to be different names or not)

    onstart of layout > system set variable "card1" to webstorage local key "webcard1"

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