New to Contruct2 Totaly Stuck on basic movment

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  • Hi folks..

    Im new to construct / forum (sorry If ive posted this in the wrong section) .. just to note im not very technical with things and i can not code in any shape or forum.

    I made a test sprite (thinking of making a top down shooter)

    And found this tutorial

    I skipped (for the time being) the first parts and I am focusing on learning how to create a player (ship) and made it move with keyboard.

    So from that website there is this video:

    I watched it (upto the point im getting stuck) about 10 times now.. freezing video, scrutinizing the gui ... taken screen shots to better zoom in on code hes putting ..etc .. anyway i cant get my little ship to move at all. no matter what I seem to do.

    For the moment im trying to test simple up/down movement (i am ignoring left right for now since Im struggling even to get up and down to work)

    Im not sure what I am doing wrong. and Im not sure in text to explain what areas of the software i should be describing to help someone here help me identify what im doing wrong so i thought the best thing to do would be to upload the actual project file.. the only asset that is in it now is the player sprite (ship) then the 2 instances of movement events + 2 declared variables..etc

    Ive been at this for a while and I just cant work out what Im doing wrong and i cant progress with anything else until i learn fundamental basic stuff like how to make a sprite move.

    Anyway here is the project .. i sure someone can help.. Ive brought it as far as I can.


  • Hello Pangaea , i think this guide :

    will cover anything you need to know :) .

  • Yes the beginner's guide is a must to check out.

    Also, you should check my video tutorial from start to finish since I explain progressively what and why I'm doing everything I do to implement the game.

    The issue with your current project is that the instance variables values are 0. Simply change the value to more than 0 and you should actually see your ship moving.

  • I fixed your problem using 8 direction behavior. Download fixed capx from here.

  • Thanks Sollaano... i will have a look to see where i was going wrong

    to Kyatric and Vasari thanks for the link.. but im not sure if you guys actually read my fist post fully. but I am aware of the manual. I was asking about a specific point following a specific tutorial where i went wrong.

    Is that not what forums are for? .. I mean if its a case that asking any newbie question will result in a similar "go read the manual" attitude perhaps c2 aint the best choice for me right now.

    As i said i watched the tutorial 10+ times. and bothered to upload the project file + link to specific areas or the website the tutorial was on also linking to the exact video tutorial I was having issues with.

    I dont want to walk on eggs shells on this forum.. i really hate that.. and at the same time I dont want to irritate anyone on the forum so if this forum is not such an appropriate forum for newbies.. do please make that clear now.

    Will check that out right now Sollaano .. thanks again

  • howdy Sollaano

    well unfortunately it looks like im rubbing against the wind with this..

    hehe.. i got an error on opening pertaining to it being only compatible for a new version of c2 ..

    Perhaps I should have pointed out in my first post I am using the Demo version of C2.. im mainly just seeing if its something i could in theory use.

    I thought I had the latest version of the demo since i only downloaded it the other day.

    Anyway dont worry about this for now.. I know a guy who uses c2 comes sometimes into a chatroom i go to.. I`ll wait till hes about and ask.

    Hopefully I'll figure it out :)


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  • Pangaea The new beta version came out about 12 hours ago. If you scroll down to the footer bar, you can see the r134 beta link. If you prefer the stable version that would be a problem looking at their fix.

    Kyatric did say the problem with yours was that an instance variable wasn't set? That would be the variables inside the sprite.

  • I was setting it in the wrong place Kyatric (was getting mixed up with the context of the video tut and online manual) .. editing that value made the ship move, all be it in a basic way but im sure i can workout how to make it have acceleration /deceleration curves.

    And oh my gosh paradox... things move so fast these days i can hardly keep up.. thankyou for noting there was a new release in the last few hours.

    I shall update promptly :)

    thanks again folks :)

  • There is an update almost every week. There are rep points for the first 15 to download it, so he changes the release day each time. The rarest day for it to come out on is the day it came out last week.

    Although "he" seems to be able to read every post in these forums and amazingly still get the updates out on time, so he will probably see this and release it the same day. ;-)

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