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  • Hi everyone. I'm writing this because i want to know something

    about Construct 2 & betas.

    I was using RPG Maker XP to make my game but i find myself

    that RMXP is too laggy and horribly optimized, and I found

    Beta 0.9 version of Construct and realized that it was

    far better than RMXP.

    I tried making some progress but I was new to Construct,

    So I'm not sure about some facts.

    I'd be grateful if you guys give me some advice

    about few questions :

    1. Does Construct have "Game Save" function?

    2. Is it a good tool for RPG games?

    3. I'm korean and I live in korea, but I want to

    buy standard edition since free version have limitations.

    how should i pay for it? (I don't know how to buy stuff

    abroad. and I don't have any credit cards since i am still

    a teenager.)

    4. Can I encrypt resources in game? (For protection)

    Sorry for poor english :-(

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  • 1. Not by default, the games are played in the web browser, so your options are a little limited. But I supposed you could save the game to a WebStorage variable or save them on the web using the Ajax object.

    2. It's a good tool for making games. Nothing in Construct is targeted towards a specific game-mode. It would depend on what you do with the RPG, and how big it is.

    3. Dunno, I would say get a credit card, and use PayPal.

    4. I don't know of a way to encrypt the data (that would be easy). It would depend on how you store the information. For the most part the graphical and text resources wouldn't be editable (on a webserver) I suppose a user could edit the cached files, but that would just be until they connected to the website again.

  • Sandcrawler : Thanks for your reply.

    Well, I'm not really thinking about publishing it via HTML5.

    And about Q1 - I think i saw File I/O Function in construct, and what i want

    is saving game by making save "files".

  • You could try Construct Classic it creates an EXE file and there are NO limitations and its free

  • I just found Construct Classic on SCIRRA hompage. Thanks anyway but

    I still have one more question.

    It has no limit, but is it also free of commercial use?

  • Yes it is.

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