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  • Say you make a nested loop with one inner, and one outer loop. How do you make an action happen after the inner loop runs? Like, say I wanted to increment a number every time the inner loop runs through, but I don't want the number incremented until after it has actually ran?

  • X is a variable

    X = 0 or whatever value you need it to start at.

    Try this:

    "For X to 100"

    ---"For 0 to 10"

    ---"Do whatever in the inner loop"

    Add 1 to X

    (You can just add a blank event underneath the inner loop, and it will run when the inner loop is done.

  • That's all great until you get to the part where you "add 1 to X". C2 doesn't seem to allow me to put an action within a loop after the inner loop, but before leaving the scope in which the inner loop exists. I am using the "repeat X times" loop events. Would using a different type of loop make a difference?

  • Would using a different type of loop make a difference?

    Nope. Select your repeat event, and press B. It will create black sub-event for the repeat event, now you can add whatever you wish to that.

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  • Oooh, that's a dang handy shortcut! Thanks!

  • Ok, thanks guys. I got it working, there was another bug interfering with what I was doing that made things more difficult to sort out. Thank you both, you were very helpful in this matter.

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