Nested Instance condition doesn't execute actions

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  • I'm trying to create a sequential platform where when the character jumps on the first platform, the second appears and when it jumps on the second the third and so on.

    For that, I had to create a separate 'Helper' sprite that checks when the character is overlapping and create(enables) the next platform.

    The problem is that the player can skip a platform and jump on forward and the next platform would show up.

    To counter this I thought I can add a variable that activates the second platform's 'Helper' when the player hits the first platform and so on.

    The boolean way didn't work (and hasn't worked for the entire project for some reason) so I had to resort to creating a number variable that goes 0 or 1.

    But the system still doesn't work. The first part of the code executes properly but it doesn't change the value of the other picked instance. I had similar issues in the past. Now I'm thinking that if the condition has an instance of a sprite and the nested conditions have another instance of the same sprite it doesn't work.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    I hope I was clear, even though I'm a bit confused as this has been a continuous issue in the entire project.

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  • You need a "Pick all" added before the second Skeleton_Helpers, as you will only ever have Plt-A picked - which is exactly what you told it to do (correctly).

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  • blackhornet

    It worked amazingly. I finally get why this was happening. Thank you so much.

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