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  • I am making a mobile game with Construct 2, and using to Intel XDK to build it for Android Crosswalk. I have added the official IAP plugin in C2. I have added the product in my developer console, and "on start of layout". I have also added the "BILLING" permission in XDK.

    Anyhow, when I click the button where it should buy the in app product, it says that I need to log in to my Google account to authenticate. Any ideas how to fix this?

  • I Have the same problem. C2 IAP (as test mode) -> Intel XDK Crosswalk build -> upload to Android Dev as Test Alpha release -> set the in app id as the same of the c2 project -> install on my device the xdk arm build.... when i try to buy -> "Authentication is required. You need to sign into your google account".

    i'm going crazy... please help me

  • Tried to add Cranberry IAP to an app in production, so seems like it won't work while testing. Anyone confirm?

  • Have you tried it as an exported project hosted on a web server?

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  • Have you tried it as an exported project hosted on a web server?

    This topic is for mobile and not web. Maybe the official IAP don't work for mobile? I know the official Google Play plugin isn't optimized for mobile.

  • Mobile is web. All of the mobile websites are hosted on web servers just like everything else.

  • Crosswalk apps are stored on the phone, not the web.

  • i have same problem...

    i try official IAP and cranberrys IAP thay not work.

    anyone plz help

  • I got the cranberry version to work for mobile. What do you need help with?

  • thank you janlindso

    i export game with cordova > intel XDK it say "The build failed"

    when i export with HTML5 > intel XDK > it can build an APK and i can play in my phone.

    official IAP

    i put in to googleplay set product and price already .

    i test bata it say have in app purchase in my apps.

    but i put BUY botton it noting .

    cranberrys IAP

    it say no billing in my apps

    sorry my english is not good.

  • Did you add BILLING permission in XDK?

    And did you update the config file of your project?

  • i need like for BILLING permission in XDK and update the config file


  • now my in-app is done

    but when i buy google play say error message

    "Authentication is required. You need to sign into your google account"


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