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  • In my game i want to create a Notebook or Diary section style.

    For now i tryed some things and can create an read entries from a JSON.

    My problem is, how i can show this entries in a list... the user can choose an item and edit or delete.

    I can conclude that to make the list I have to create a new Text element for each JSON record, but I have no idea how to do it.

    I'm stuck so, any help is greatly apreciated.

    Thanks so much!

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  • Snowmane

    are you using the dictionary plugin?? this lets you add strings and assign a tag to identifie it... and then you can save and load the entire dictionary as JSON

    then you can load the dictionary from JSON and load it in some kind of menu to your player caan choose wich to look at

  • I'm using the Dictionary, yes.

    My problem is not on JSON, my problem is on how i can create a new Text element for every entry on it

  • Snowmane

    well if you give me an idea on how do you want it??? you dont need to create at new text object, just use one and load the string form the dictionary that the player requires, why would you need to load the whole diary??? you dont have enouhg screen to show it...

    just load into one text the desired string form the dictionary and create a menu so the player can choose wich entry in the diary he wants, and then load that entry to the text object...

  • One of my objectives are the player can choose, view and edit the entries. If i load the whole dictionary into a single Text object i can't do this.... or i can?

    For a better explain... the entries of the diary are organized in this way:

    {"c2dictionary":true,"data":{"3102014161027":"Test diary text"}}

    The numbers are a timestamp.

    My point is the player can click on the timestamp and then view or edit.

    My basic problem is how i can do to list all the timestamps with the ability to select individually and assign a action (view, edit or whatever)

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