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  • I don't understand if I have a tagged volume set to -25 for example, It will only kick in after a one or two times in affect.

    For Example

    On click > left mouse

            > Play sound (Shotgun blast) Tag "Blast"

            > Set Volume "Blast" -25

    unless its set to every tick it's sorta unreliable.

    But if set to every tick.

    Every tick > Set volume "Blast -25

               > Set volume etc

               > etc..

    I causes massive slow downs in Firefox and if you go to full screen watch out you better have a good PC.

    I just don't understand the right way to do this I've read every article and forum post that I could understand. The examples didn't reflect my problem.

    I just need the sound to behave or be controlled proper and neat.

    Every tick volume is out of the question tho it seems the only way the volume works all the time except in Firefox performance DROPS something fierce. Chrome Seems fine until like stated above, when you go to full screen it hates it.

    Please someone show me the way.


    Is there a way to have multiple tags in one set volume controller and set them all at once.

  • help <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Bump

  • Extract from the how do I FAQ

    olume control on a sound played - LINK

    in the Audio section.

    Check the capx in this post, it shows how to properly use volume.

    A -25 volume is equivalent to no sound at all.

    Your description of what is happening is too vague, post a capx clearly displaying what your issue is.

  • Kyatric

    ahh thank you soo much that capx in that forum example is exactly what I needed.

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