need a tutorial about writing a tutorial

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  • I write my first tutorial. But i have some weird problems. I found this tutorial But not enough info at here.

    I use Firefox. When i try to preview a code sample, i can see it normally, but when i try to publish it appears at one single row. On IE code sample is rendered in different rows. But still not fancy or colored like preview. Also i don't know how to add an index menu for tutorials at left side.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  • The index menu is generated automatically based on your headings.

    The code thing is probably a bug with the new design

        x = 5;

        y = 6;

    shows as

        x = 5;    y = 6;

    Code in old tutorials displays correctly though.

    *edit* Actually I see you have headings in your tutorial and BluePhaze has the same problem here.

  • This is the absolute truth. We need a strong tutorial on constructing tutorials, which frankly, I'll be more than happy to do once I get it figured it. As it is, I'm trying to politely PM several individuals who have written the most well-constructed tutorials to answer my questions, and I'll use their wisdom to publish the tutorial I'm working on.

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