Need some tips to animate "moving" infinitely

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  • I need some tips on how to animate this like I intended to.

    It's like for design purposes only. I want the chain to "move infinitely from left to right" via animation without changing the position

    I tried this method (below) to make it seem like a moving animation but it's not a smooth animation:

    cut a few pixels from the left side, paste that cut part at the end of the right side, copy new frame, repeat, until first frame is reached (then set loop animation to yes)

  • how many frames you have?

  • How far apart are the links in the chain?

    Divide the distance between the links by the number of frames you want, and offset the chain by that many pixels for each frame. By the final frame, your chain should have almost moved forward one link, so when it loops back to the beginning, it looks like the beginning was the next frame.

  • Ok. So from how I understood the replies, I only need to adjust the pixels I cut and transfer but it is the correct method? I also need to do this same concept to some other non-symmetrical sprites though, so I would hope for a more generally applicable to all answer



  • Anything you want to make an "infinitely moving animation" has to be tilable, at least in the direction you are moving it.

    Just make sure the last frame lines up with the first in a reasonable way.

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  • sgn15 ............. Animation vs TiletBackgraund ...........

  • bladedpenguin is correct. If it moves infinitely, it needs to be tileable in that direction.

    If you want a very smooth animation, you'll need to cut off one pixel at a time.

    You can do this with a single link (a small image) and then repeat the same image across the screen. Much less work than dealing with a large image, if that's what you've been doing.

  • Why not apply an effect. Check out this thread..

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