I need someone to help with my sprites for my game please

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    i need someone to make me sprites for my game,it will be deeply appreciated.

    Try here.. http://opengameart.org/

    And Kenny has loads of free stuff: http://opengameart.org/users/kenney

    i already know opengameart.com and kenny but the sprites i want are not there.i want a smiling square and another evil and angry square.those two sprites only.If u can make them it will be deeply appreciated

    Try stuffgen?

    I tried it and it's not good for me

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    Try these to get you started...literally 5 mins in Inkscape!



    Thx Aquinn so much can u delete them,I already downloaded them.thx again!

    tictoctic - will you stop asking the creators to remove the free resources they give you? It's quite disrespectful - as several people have told you before custom work is paid, if you get something for free live with it being available to others as well.

    okay somebody......you are right,but i don't see it disrespectful i see it kinda annoying and i am sorry for annoying you all guys.I thought that maybe aquinn will make it with free,but i was wrong can u tell me how?.I already made my game and will publish it soon and thx again

    Here is an easier way to do SVG graphics:


    It makes SVG and PNG like Inkscape, but can be learned in an afternoon.

    i use inkscape for complex drawings, but for quick sketches and sprites , Method draw has a very nice interface.

    Nice added plus is that you can use it with a Chromebok, or Linux, or Free BSD, it is HTML5 and Javascript so you can use it on almost any computer and portable device.

    Thx jojoe I will try it,but know I am trying to learn using inkscape

    It is a great time to learn Inkscape, they just released a new version recently that lets you make seamless textures much easier than in previous versions.

    A great tip for Inkscape is to make a default.svg and place it in your c:\programfiles\inkscape\templates directory. That way you do not need to resize the image and set the grid every time you use it.

    You can also add other custom templates there as well.

    If you want inkscape to start a fraction of a second faster, delete all of the templates that you will probably never use. (they just seem to cluter things anyway.

    There is another template directory that is hidden in your user-files somewhere. If you place the templates in that directory,they will always show up on the very top of the New File list.

    Okay,thx jojoe

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