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  • Hello!

    Does anybody know (and is it possible) to organize several objects into one object. for example: my car consists of a main body and 2 wheels. And when I do right-click, I need a new CAR to appear. Are there ways to create a whole CAR at once, but NOT TO create separately in the events the body and wheels (and then make a links to each other)?... Or may be create a function that creates a CAR at a requested coordinates? Or can it be solved by using "families"?


  • Hey Smokin,

    If you want to have separate parts of the car but want the car to move as 1, you could use pin behaviour for this. (or you could use everytick-> set part to X location).

    Lets say you want to pin the wheels onto the body of the car. When you create you car you will still need to correctly arrange the parts in the right place, but then you can use "pin" and it will stick in the same position no mater which way the car moves.

    The event could be something like

    On right click -> Create object -Car

                   -> Create object -Wheel   

                   -> Create object -Wheel

    You can put all of your pictures or cars into 1 object, you then just need to use variables to tell the object which picture or animation to use.

  • Hi, GenkiGenga

    It's interesting...

    And what about if we use a ragdoll and "physics"? - It seems to be more complicated. And as far as I understand, in actual release of Construct 2 there are no ways to make a nother ragdoll appear during the game using 1 event - I have first to create the parts, and then link them with joints.

    Thanx for your advance!

  • Yeah I understand what you mean, you can create and pin the objects in the same event, but you still need to create all the parts you need.

    I haven't actually played around with ragdolls yet but having a behaviour attached to the object your creating doesn't affect the creation process in any way.

    Have fun mate, you can attack the problem from a million different angles, and remember, if it plays smooth don't get too caught up in trying to do everything in 1 event. ;)

  • Thanx!

    Will look for comfortable solutions... ))

    P.S.: Your game is very fun! Cool start screen. Keep working... Good Luck!

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  • No worries!

    Cheers, <img src="smileys/smiley41.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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